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Terms of Service

Blockchain Pros are a consultancy and not developers of any projects that they help market or fund-raise. By investing in any projects advised by Blockchain Pros, you understand that you stand to lose your money and you agree to do your own research. 

Please do not invest more than what you can afford to lose in any cryptocurrency projects. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile. 

You also acknowledge that Blockchain Pros are not liable for any losses incurred because of your investment in any projects advised by Blockchain Pros. Blockchain Pros are hired by projects only for their pre-launch fund-raising consultancy and they do not control the project or what the development team do with the funds or how they run their projects. 

None of BCP team including moderators of communities are financial advisors and anything they say while working on a project is a mere conveying of the message that the BCP client wants conveyed to the community.

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